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Car Parks (1)

Car parks offer the simplicity of leaving your car somewhere that should be safe and secure, but in order to keep the actual structure safe, secure and waterproof the build-up and structures are far from simple.

As they are high level trafficked areas, car park decks (especially the top deck and open areas) can be exposed to unforgiving influences such as seasonal change, fuel, carbon dioxide, oil, water, heavy vehicle traffic and even the chemicals form such products as de-icers. These elements can become particularly hazardous if the waterproofing system fails, offering diminished protection to the integrity of the building.

IKO offer a range of car park waterproofing systems (including liquids and mastic asphalt), that are easy to install and provide durability as well as a protective waterproofing solution to increase the lifespan of any type of car parking facility. For levelling solutions, IKO can also provide IKO Permascreed, which is a screeding solution that cures within one hour.

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