School Roof Repairs

Whether Academy, Independent or State, every school has a great responsibility to its pupils and students. Not just to provide an education, but to provide a safe and welcoming environment in which they can learn and thrive. You focus shouldn’t need to be on your school roof repairs.

Your school building is one of your most important and valuable assets, protecting pupils, employees and others residing in it, so maintaining or improving a secure, waterproof roof makes sense as the benefits of improving or replacing a defective roof are extensive. This investment can prevent long term problems such as water ingress and subsequent damage to the building fabric, not to mention the associated costs everyone wants to avoid! You can get assistance with these repairs through school grants from the ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) in the form of CIF funding (condition improvement fund) or a SCA (school capital funding).

IKO aims to provide you with all the information you will need to make valid and informed decisions when it comes to refurbishing a school roof by highlighting the tell-tail signs of a failing roof, the hazards and risks that may need to be addressed and the questions that you should be asking when choosing the right partner – from independent advice, consultation and design to installation, inspections and guarantees.

This will assist in not only provide you with a detailed review of what school roof repairs are needed, but also how to navigate your CIF bid.

Reducing Disruptions

Work is scheduled with the school’s main function in mind, teaching; with the safety of all pupils and staff paramount. This is why all our projects can be delivered at preferred times, flexible enough to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

As we are a British manufacturer, the majority of our products are manufactured and delivered to site via local sources, this allows us to not only deliver at preferred times (outside of school hours); but shorter delivery journeys mean a reduction in CO2 emissions, benefiting the school, the local community and the environment.


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Is Your Roof In Danger?

If your roof has any of the following issues, it is definitely worth getting it checked out by one of our Technical Engineers who can offer recommendations on what’s needed to be done to maintain your building’s waterproofing integrity, whilst improving thermal and energy efficiency in a FREE, no obligation, roofing condition survey that can help with a CIF bid..


Flat Roof Hazards & Risks

A well designed, maintained and waterproofed flat roof should not cause problems or leak, but it is worth noting that there are still dangers associated with flat roofs that may need to be addressed. IKO can assess and appraise your current roofing situation, while always putting the safety of you, your staff and your pupils first and foremost.

IKO Academies Roofing Hazards
1. Inadequate or No Edge Protection

One of the main dangers of any roof is the likelihood of a fall. On a flat roof this is heightened by inadequate or no edge protection such as railings.

2. Roof Light Dangers

Many flat roof designs have roof lights incorporate into them, allowing natural light to illuminate areas within a school that may not have any or minimal natural light. If not protected and maintained correctly falling through a dilapidated roof light is possible and could be fatal.

3. Loose Material and Foreign Objects

Poor installation or deterioration over time may produce
loose materials that could fall from a flat roof at any moment. Foreign objects left on a roof may also cause similar issues.

4. Trip Hazards

Wiring, aerials, vents and uneven roof surfaces can all be classed as trip hazards on a flat roof, resulting in damage to the roofing structure or roofing accessories as well as personal injuries.

5. Unstable and Ageing Roofing Material

On the surface a flat roof may appear safe, yet ageing roofing material can create major issues with its structural integrity and in some instances lead to complete failure. Markings and safe standing areas clearly highlighted can help, but the potential
to disturb other dangers such as asbestos are harder to prevent.

6. Poor or Unsecure Access Points

Any access point should be well maintained and protected
to avoid access by unauthorised personnel. Unsecure access
can create a dangerous situation for the untrained and increase
the potential of someone becoming trapped or damaging the
roofing structure, unknown to those who maintain the school.