This Section Covers: Built-Up Roofing, Mastic Asphalt, Hot Melt and Cold Applied Liquid Systems.

A good design and professional installation form the cornerstone for any successful roofing, waterproofing or insulation project, whether it is an individual detail or an entire roofing scheme, IKO’s Technical Services offers a comprehensive and professional design and installation service:



By understanding the requirements from your perspective, bespoke solutions can be delivered within the parameters of the project, leading to deliverable quality,
enhanced roofing performance and a project that is on time and budget.

Amongst other elements, the following are the bedrock of the consultation:

  • The Buildings Use
  • Performance Requirements
  • Budgets
  • Length of Guarantee and Service Contract
  • Planned Maintenance

A comprehensive assessment of a current roof both on the surface and its sub-layers provide a thorough analysis concerning the condition of the roof.

This survey is always carried out by one of our skilled and experienced surveyors and includes:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Physical Inspection
    Core Sampling and Moisture Probe Analysis
  • Detailed Defects Analysis and Recommendations
  • Complete Catalogue of Current Build-Ups
    Deck Type,
    Insulation, Waterproofing,
    Drainage, Detailing and Accessories
  • Photographic Records Assisting with the Solution Design

Compiling a full set of bespoke specifications for the project from the consultation and survey stages:

  • Technical Calculations
    Thermal Performance, Condensation Risk, Wind Uplift,
    Weight Load
  • Building Regulation Compliance
  • Tapered Insulation Schemes
    Creating Falls and Drainage Requirements
  • Accessories and Access Planning
    Rooflights, Outlets, Handrails,
    Trims, Walkways and Escape Routes
  • CAD Site Plans

A solution that covers every eventuality. The breadth and diversity of the IKO product range can create a solution that matches the projects requirements regardless of a buildings functionality, type,
age, size or condition. This includes:

  • Reinforced Bitumen Membrane Systems
  • Mastic Asphalt Systems
  • Hot Melt Systems
  • Cold Applied Liquid Systems
  • PIR Insulation
  • Accessories and Asset Management Services

During the Project


IKO Roofing Systems are only ever installed by IKO Approved Contractors within a nationwide network.This comprehensive network means that every installation will be managed to the highest possible standards.

Under the IKO Approved Contractor terms an agreed level of service will be provided, including:

  • Pre-Contract Meetings
  • Project Monitoring
  • IKO Approved Contractor Logo - Specification RoofingOn-Site Supervision
  • Reporting and Client Liaison
  • Review Meetings
  • Regular Site Inspections
  • Making Good and Clearing the Site
  • Sign-Off Inspection
  • Prompt Technical Issue Resolutions

Post-Project Support


A framework of inspection and maintenance visits is available through our network of Approved Contractors for total peace of mind. A programme of periodic visits can be established throughout the period of the guarantee.

As part of our service, you’ll benefit from:

  • Regular written reports
  • Technical details of your roof from consultation to completion
  • The option of a managed project file
  • A client specific internet portal to access information on your projects

Additional Support

IKO provide a range of Support Packages depending on the specification system chosen and the level of service you require.

Contractor Training

IKO’s specification systems are NOT available to contractors who have NOT been trained by IKO in how to install it. Our purpose-built training centres provide an ideal venue; fully equipped to satisfy both theoretical and practical training for a ‘hands-on’ experience.

Courses are tailored to the specific needs of individual customers; the theoretical training covers a range of topics including;

  • Product anatomy
  • Product behaviour and performance characteristics
  • Interpreting written specifications
  • Site practices
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Use of equipment (e.g. hot air welding machines)
  • Post construction maintenance
RIBA Approved CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

IKO is able to offer a wide range of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminars that cover the technical design considerations of specifying modern day roofing, waterproofing and insulation systems.

To arrange for this CPD seminar to be presented at your office, or to find out more about the other CPDs that are on offer click here the link below.

Technical Calculations

This service allows the assessment of thermal performance and condensation risk within the roof build-up. In addition, calculation can assess the potential effect of wind uplift on the roof, allowing us to design the specification accordingly. We can also calculate the weight load of the specified system, to allow structural advice to be sought, where appropriate.

If you are looking to specify your own roofing solution, IKO provides a number of tools and calculators to assist you with your design work.

Building Regulations Compliance

Our recommendations can include all current and anticipated requirements for drainage, thermal, fire and acoustic performance.

For current building regulation information and links, please refer to our FAQ Section or the specified Building Regulations page.

Tapered Insulation Schemes

We can design insulation which is tapered to create the falls required for drainage and comply with overall thermal performance requirements.

Accessories and Access Planning

Full specifications for rooflights, outlets, handrail systems and trim positioning will be prepared as will plans for maintenance walkways and escape routes.

View IKO’s Accessory product range.

CAD Site Plans and Detailing Advice

General layout plans for the roof can be provided, supported a comprehensive range of detailed drawings that help demonstrate correct waterproofing design in a wide variety of roof detailing, perimeter abutments and roof penetration points.

Installation Guides

IKO issue all trained and approved contractors with relevant and detailed application manuals. This provides valuable additional support and helps minimise any installation issues on site.

View the IKO Literature Library.

Legislation: Guiding You Through All Relevant Legislative Areas

Be it an individual detail or an entire roofing, waterproofing or insulation led project, IKO Technical Services offer comprehensive and professional advice with practical and modern roofing waterproofing solutions, whilst ensuring that essential legislative requirements are not compromised. IKO can offer guidance and advice on many matters, including:

  • Conforming with Building Regulations and British Standards Codes of Practice
  • Achieving particular fire, thermal or acoustic performance criteria
  • Meeting sustainability targets
  • Specifying systems that are supported by relevant industry accreditations