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Technical Bulletins

Here you can find information on the most up to date industry guidelines, guidance documents on the best practice of installing IKO’s products in various different site conditions and other useful and practical information about IKO’s products.


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What is the difference between warm and inverted roofs?

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IKO Spectraplan TPE verses TPO Single Ply Membranes

TPO’s (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) have been extensively used within the single ply roofing industry since the early 90’s and had been developed from Polyethylene membranes which were being installed in ground engineering applications such as tunnel,… Read More

Issue 9: Ballasted or Buried Roofs

The following guidance should be followed when a flat roofing area is to be overlaid with a permanent system such as heavy duty timber dmecking, paving, ballast or bio-diverse (Green/Brown) systems. Any such roofing… Read More

Issue 8: Preparation of In-situ Concrete Decks

Concrete Specification In-situ Concrete for roof decks shall be specified and produced in accordance with BS EN 206:2013 and installed in accordance with BS13670:2009 and the National Structural Concrete Specification. Normal Weight and Lightweight concretes… Read More

Issue 7: Rippling In Spectraplan TPE Membranes

Spectraplan TPE membranes can exhibit surface rippling, particularly with changes in temperature, the effect is also noticeable when the daylight changes from dispersed or diffused light of a cloudy day to direct sunlight. This is… Read More

Issue 6: Roof Maintenance Guidelines

All Polymeric Membranes 1.0  General Roof maintenance, as with any part of the building, is essential in order to comply with the waterproofing system guarantee and to ensure maximum performance and life expectancy. 2.0  Access… Read More

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