IKO Polimar FCS Roof Waterproofing is a highly durable system for both refurbishment and new build projects, which offers the additional benefit of rapid curing. IKO Polimar FCS waterproofing system is specifically designed as a highly durable system for flat roofs.

Since it is applied as a liquid, IKO Polimar FCS creates a seamless waterproofing system in which even the most complex roof penetrations can be reliably and durably incorporated. It is also extremely weather-resistant, crack bridging and flexible at low temperatures.


System Benefits

  • BBA certified system – 25 years
  • Fast curing; less than 1 hour between coats
  • Seamless waterproofing with fleece reinforcement
  • Liquid application ensures seamless incorporation and secure waterproofing
    of the most complex upstands
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging even at extreme sub-zero temperatures
  • Permanently weather-resistant (resistant to high and low temperatures, UV rays, hydrolysis)
  • Resistant to most commonly used acids and alkali solutions
  • Fully bonded to the substrate, therefore no flow paths for water
  • Can be applied to almost any substrate
  • Easy and fast application
  • Rot and root resistant
  • Low odour waterproofing option available

Further Information

Download the IKO Polimar Brochure:
IKO Polimar Brochure

Download the IKO High-Performance Waterproofing Systems (Specification Design Guide):
IKO High-Performance Waterproofing Systems (Specification Design Guide)

Products – IKO Polimar FCS System

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