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We offer a broad range of roofing solutions for the education sector for universities, colleges, academies and all types of mainstream schools including new build and refurbishment projects. Our new build solutions offer a fast track installation to meet the strictest of deadlines, and our refurbishment service includes comprehensive site surveys outlining the current condition of the roof and the areas that need repairing.

Our work is scheduled with the school’s main function in mind, with the safety of all pupils and staff paramount. As we are a UK Manufacturer, the majority of our products are manufactured and delivered to site via local distribution hubs. This allows us to not only deliver outside of school hours, but also cut down the journeys, reducing the CO2 emissions from transport and benefiting the environment.

Our roofing systems offer high thermal performance to keep the energy costs and CO2 emission down, providing greener and smarter solutions. We can also give expert advice on the use of rooflights so the buildings can benefit from the natural daylight which offers further energy saving benefits. Our highly experienced technical team offer advice in the early design stage, to help you achieve the acoustic requirements of your project which is often an important factor in a school environment.

By choosing IKO as your roofing supplier, you can benefit from our expertise in the education sector and have a smooth project experience by keeping your clients happy.

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