What is the Best Roofing Maintenance Schedule?

A roofing system which has been designed and installed in accordance with the IKO recommendations and relevant British Standards can be expected to provide trouble-free service provided it is properly maintained.

With any roofing system it is essential that proper and adequate maintenance is undertaken at routine intervals to ensure long term performance and life expectancy. This is an integral part of the terms and conditions of any guarantee.

IKO Technical Services recommend that any IKO roofing system is inspected and maintained in accordance with the guidelines given in BS8217 : 2005, Clauses 11.3 to 12.2 inclusive. The frequency of inspections will depend upon local conditions, but there should be at least one visit each year. The presence of trees or local atmospheric pollution would suggest more frequent inspections.

During the course of regular maintenance inspections the whole of the roof should be systematically checked and a note made of any items requiring attention. Other than the main roof area, key detail areas to check include flashings, upstands, penetrations, edge trims and drainage channels.

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