What is a Linked Guarantee?

Linked guarantees cover the workmanship and material performance elements of a newly installed roof but unlike a single point guarantee, responsibility is split between the materials manufacturer and the installing contractor. Whilst only one guarantee certificate is issued to the client, the contractor will sign the document to cover any labour defects and the manufacturer signs for the material element. Whilst linked guarantees are widely used, there can be responsibility disputes with this guarantee format that can potentially leave the client with an unresolved problem.

The roofing materials will usually be covered by product liability insurance (as in the case of IKO PLC) however, the workmanship element is not usually insured, and reliant on the contractor continuing to trade, should defects need to be rectified. Insolvency insurance to cover workmanship can be arranged but this will usually incurs a separate premium to be paid direct to the insurer by the client.

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