What is BS 8612?

The new BS 8612 standard, covers Dry-fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems for Slating and Tiling – Specification and specifies the performance requirements and methods of test for dry-fixed ridge and hip systems connected to timber ridge/hip battens, ridge boards or hip rafters. This British Standard also covers dry-fixed verge systems, which are installed with ridge, hip and verge components used with slates and tiles.

Many housing developers and roofers saw dry fix roofing as the way forward, but with no industry agreed way of assessing fit for purpose systems and components of variable quality appearing on the market. Now BS 8612:2018 Dry fixed ridge, hip, and verge systems for slating and tiling addresses this problem by ensuring that all dry fixed ridge, hip and verge systems meet agreed standards.

The standard focuses on the mechanical resistance of the dry ridge, hip or verge products and introduces new tests to determine the mechanical resistance to wind load. The standard then describes how you can use this data to determine the suitability of the product for any given project depending on the design wind exposure of the site and building.

This information allows specifiers and contractors to make sure they can select products that are fit for purpose for the design requirements of their roofing project.

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