What Systems Does IKO Supply and Why Should Housebuilders Choose These Over Other Systems?

A good contractor and a good installation will ultimately only be as good as the quality of products and systems that they are working with, IKO manufacture some of the best roofing products available for both pitched and flat roofs.

When selecting a roofing product, it is worth taking into consideration where the manufacturer is based.  If the company is UK-based are the products manufactured in the UK or sourced from Europe or further afield because this will determine what accreditation the products will have and may also be reflected in the product quality. IKO’s roofing felts products are “British Made for British Trade”, with all three UK manufacturing facilities accredited with ISO 9001 for quality management and BES 6001 for Responsible Sourcing.

IKO can further back up its product performance claims with legitimate third-party accreditations and for some products this incudes BBA certification, Declaration of Performance as well as data sheets and case studies.

IKO can supply all of the products needed for most roofing projects to eliminate any worrying about the consequences of compatibility with other manufacturers. A quality supplier such as IKO will also be able to assist with design to ensure the housebuilders select the optimum solution for a project

The IKO Pitched Roof System meets the requirements of most pitched roof projects but with additional benefits.

IKO’s Metrotile for example are made from steel but are designed to be aesthetically indistinguishable from traditional clay pantiles, so they offer the same visual appeal with all the additional benefits you would expect from lightweight steel roofing. The Bond design is available in six colours and pressed from high grade Aluzinc coated steel. The tiles are up to seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials so they put less weight and stress on supporting structures and foundations. They are vandal-resistant, have a 40-year weatherproof guarantee, need virtually no maintenance once installed and are 100% recyclable. And, because they are from IKO, they meet British and European Standards

For slate roofs, IKOslate is 80% lighter than traditional slate of the same size. IKOslate is a composite roof tile manufactured from mineral reinforced 99% recycled and re-engineered materials. Its unique structure gives it superior strength and makes it easier to handle and install.

Not all roofs are pitched, the flat roof is an integral part of many modern homes for features such as porches. In addition to having excellent waterproofing performance, IKO’s flat roofing systems have excellent fire, thermal and environmental performance

IKO’s Torch-On Membranes systems offer simple, rapid application. As the bonding bitumen forms part of the core membrane itself, torch-on systems provide additional certainty of completely homogeneous modified bitumen throughout.

IKO’s Hybrid Systems offer the ultimate combination of proven products, speed of application and safe installation practices on site. The systems combine a quality self-adhesive underlay, high-performance PIR insulation with the proven performance of an IKO Torch-On Cap Sheet.

For sites or construction methods where a flame-free system is required, IKO’s range includes: a choice of built-up adhered systems; a robust single layer system that can be bonded, mechanically-fixed or ballasted; and a self-adhesive built up roofing system option.

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